Have you ever wondered if the information you're providing parents is valuable? Is it helping those parents become more engaged in their child's care? MomentPathEngagement is designed to help you better understand family engagement at your center.

What is MomentPath Engagement?
Administrators can now see how family members interact with the messages they receive from your center through MomentPath — whether via text message or email. We measure engagement using a number of different data points including email views, likes, and real-time messaging.

From your dashboard, you can see engagement information across your entire center at the aggregate level along with a quick view into the most and least engaged families. We recommend aiming for a good balance between provider (dark blue) and family (light blue) engagement.

Dashboard view:

Individual profile view:

What can I learn from MomentPath Engagement?
When provider and family engagement are equal, it means that the information you are providing to family members is evenly balanced with their interaction with it. 

If you find that you, as a provider, are more engaged than the parents, that could tell you that you are providing more content than the family wants. If family engagement is far outweighing provider engagement, the families could be telling you that they want more information!

Understanding center-based data is important, but when you want to understand what is happening with one person in your care, you can focus on the current vitals and engagement by viewing their profile.

So what do I do with all this engagement information?
Here are some ways MomentPath Engagement can help your center:

  • Provider engagement is higher than family engagement. This could tell you that the family isn't reading the messages you're sharing. In a situation like this, you could talk with the child's family members to find out what types of messages they prefer to receive so you and your teachers can give them information they truly value.
  • Provider engagement is lower than family engagement. If this is the case, it may help to coach your teachers to provide more messages to these highly-engaged families. Families with high engagement may also be good candidates for room parents or other activities at your center!

    Low provider engagement for an individual could also signal that the child's teacher is having a hard time keeping up with sharing Moments. This could be an opportunity to talk with that teacher to make sure they have what they need to succeed in their role.
  • Overall center engagement. The center-wide engagement view can help you see trends in how your staff and your families communicate overall. Is your center's family engagement higher than provider engagement? It may be a good time to talk with your staff as a whole about increasing the number of Moments they create. Is provider engagement higher than family engagement? Use it as a chance to reach out to families to find out what information is important to them.

How do you use MomentPath Engagement? Email us and share your story!

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