You can access Curriculum by clicking Curriculum on the left navigation menu.

Curriculum allows you to see all of the curriculum for your organization, as well as the Groups they are associated with and the dates they're scheduled for. 

To edit or delete Curriculum, click Edit | Delete from the Curriculum module.

Administrators and Staff can easily create Curriculum by clicking Add. From here, Administrators can specify the content, the scheduled date, and the target audience. You can also attach PDFs relevant to the lessons here.

Learning Moments
Paired with Learning Moments, Curriculum comes alive! When create a Learning Moment, the details of the chosen curriculum type are automatically populated in that Learning Moment. 

You can now create Curriculum in advance so you have that information at your fingertips when creating Learning Moments.

Learning Moments allow each individual class to personalize Curriculum. These moments make the learning truly come alive!

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