User profiles are where you see and edit information specific to that user. To change any personal information for the user or access other options, select Edit Profile:

You can edit or change the following items via the profile:

  • Moments: Total number of moments created for this user.
  • Checked In: When the user was checked in. This can be edited by selecting the check in time.
  • Group: The group the user is checked into.
  • Move: Move a user from one group to another.
  • Check Out: This will check the user out of and trigger sending the summary email.

Selecting Edit Profile will bring up the following options:

  • Edit Profile: Add or update birthday, favorite color, medical information, guardian information, etc.
  • Re-send summary email: Sometimes emails get lost so this lets you quickly resend the last summary email sent to Family users. 
  • Send Account Invitation: If a new Staff, Family, or Administrator user is created but the email invitation does not make it to their inbox, this action will resend that invitation so the user can set a password.
  • Upload New Avatar
  • Delete Person

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