Data Verification is a great way to remind parents and teachers to keep their information up to date. Administrators may enable a collection period to allow parents to update their information. To begin:

1. Tap on the People tab on the menu bar.

2. Tap on the “Data Verification” tab.

3. To start a new Data Validation, tap “Begin New Verification”.

4. You may now enter information about your Data Verification Campaign:

  • Title: This is internal. Parents will not see this field. You may use this for organizational purposes on the administrative end.
  • Description: Use this box to share a quick note with parents or staff members. They will be able to see the notes or instructions you add to this field.
  • Audience: Select family or staff as your audience.
  • Fields(s) to verify: All of these fields will come from the audience’s profile. If you select “Family”, family profile fields will appear. Select the fields you wish to allow your audience to update or verify.
  • Report Only Field(s): Fields you select here will not be visible for your audience to update, but will be included in the report. You may use this to include center specific information that you do not wish to allow participants to enter. This field can help keep your data together in one place and will help to track changes over time.

When you are happy with the fields you’ve selected, tap “Create”.

5. This Data Verification Campaign will now appear on the mobile app. Your audience will be able to tap the “Verify Information” bar on their Now screen.

6. If the fields already hold information on the participant's profile, this information will be available for validation or it may be updated. If the profile fields are blank, participants will have the ability to enter the information. Once the information has been entered, updated, or validated the parent can tap “Submit” to save the results. Once submitted, this screen will no longer be available on the parent’s now screen.

Note: When participants submit the information, their profile fields automatically update with the information they provided. This information may always be updated by an administrator, if needed, in the future.

7. As an administrator, you may review these submissions at Navigate to the Data Verification tab under the “People” menu option. You may also choose to send an email reminder to your audience to encourage them to complete their data verification. These reminders will only be sent to those who have not completed their data validation yet.

Tapping “View Details” will allow you to review the entries you have collected so far.

8. While reviewing data, each parent or staff member will have their own lines available for review. "Report Only Fields" will be added to the rightmost side of the screen. You also export this data as a CSV to open in Excel.

9. You may choose to end a data verification period at any time. Ending a data verification removes the Data Verification card from a parent or staff member’s now screen. If they have not validated their information will no longer have the option to do so. Use these steps to stop a data validation campaign:

  1. Tap People on the menu bar
  2. Tap Data Verification
  3. Find the Data Verification campaign and tap on the three dots in the right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Select “Stop”

You may also delete a verification campaign. Deleting this information will permanently remove the data collected.

10. Once a Data Verification campaign has been stopped, you may clone the verification in the future. You may also clone an existing verification in the future. If you would like to collect the same fields at a later date, tap the “Clone” button to duplicate a data verification you have completed in the past!

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