Depending on the state your center is in, you may need to add additional immunizations in MomentPath. To do so, follow these steps:

1. On, tap on "Admin/Account" from the menu.

2. Scroll to the "Standard Immunizations" section and tap "Configure".

3. From this section, you may mark a vaccination as exempt from the standard list of immunizations. Be sure to tap "Save" after checking the exemption box.

4. To add a new immunization or exam requirement to a child's profile, scroll to the "Custom Immunization Types" section and tap "Configure".

5. Tap on "Add Immunization". Then, designate a type. This may be an abbreviation if it is a vaccine or perhaps "Exam" if your center logs multiple exams. For this example, I entered "Annual Physical" into both the type and description box. Then, tap "Save".

To learn more about logging a child's immunizations or exams on their profile, please read Recording Immunizations in MomentPath

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