The Health Check Moment is designed to track, monitor, and organize health symptoms. To enable the Health Check Moment, ask an Administrator to follow these steps:

1. From, tap on “Admin/Account” on the menu bar.

2. Under “Moment Types”, select “View Moment Types”

3. Scroll down until you find “Health Check”. Toggle the leftmost toggle on. By turning the first toggle on, the Health Check moment will be available for staff and administrators. If you would like Admins to be the only users who have access to this moment, switch both toggles on. By turning the “Admin Only” toggle on, staff members will not have access to this moment, but admins will have access to perform Health Checks.

Now that the Health Check Moment is enabled, let’s learn more about how to post this moment:

1. From the mobile app, tap the plus button to create a new moment.

2. Select the Health Check moment.

3. From this moment, you may:

  • Attribution: Designate the teacher or administrator posting the moment. This can be helpful for parents to know which teacher to ask if symptoms do develop.
  • Tagging: You will likely only tag one person in each health check, but you may tag multiple children in a health check if you’d like
  • Date and Time: Adjust these as needed
  • Temperature upon Arrival: You may note the child’s temperature at the time.
  • Check bubbles: Use these to identify if a child is showing any of the symptoms below or you may select the “None of the Above” if the child is symptom-free.
  • Comment: Use this box to leave a note, add additional information, or you may also leave this box blank
  • Add media: Attach a photo or video of the child if needed

This moment can be a helpful tool for tracking the health of a child. If your state requires a physical Health Check form, please consult with your state to see if a digital form will be accepted.

  • Moment Report: Remember, all moments can be reported on! This can be an easy way to monitor changes in health, notate symptom observation times, and see all Health Check Moments together

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