The Activations Widget is a helpful tool to see which family members have not activated their account. Family members who have not activated their account will receive End of Day Email Summary Reports if they have an email on file. Family members with inactive accounts are unable to log into the app, see their child's timeline, or use the Message Center. To see which family members have not activated their account:

1. From the dashboard at, tap on the Activations Widget pie graph

2. You will be presented with three tabs at the top of the screen. The first tab, "Children with no activated families", will show you the list of children who do not have any family members with active accounts. While these children may have 2 or more guardians caring for them, these children do not have a single active family member in the system. Children on this screen may miss out on important communication as no adult that cares for them has activated their account.

There are several pieces of information that can help you understand the family member's status. You can see this report indicated the child's name, family member's name, the status, and an actions button. We will be focusing on "Status" now.

There are a few different status options:

  • No invitation sent: There is no email on file for the family member. An email must be added to send their account invitation
  • Invitation sent: (Date): An account invitation has been sent to this family member, but they have not yet verified their email or set up their password.
  • No Relationships: This child is not associated with any family members in the system. You will need to link this child's account to their family members so the parents can see the child's information when they log into the app.

3. The additional tabs can be used to help filter the family members. The next tab, "All unactivated families", will show every family account that is inactive in the system. For example, let's assume a child has two parents. Mom has activated her account, but dad has not. Since this child has at least one active family account linked to their profile, Dad's name will appear under the "All unactivated families" tab.

4. The final tab, "Children with no relationships", displays a list of all children who do not have family members linked to their account. For these students, you will need to add or link family accounts to their profile. To do so, you may need to add a new person to the system or link a family member that already has an account. To learn more about this process, please view this help article beginning at Step 7.

5. Each of these tabs offers an "Actions" drop-down menu. Based on family status, you will have applicable options.

  • Add Relationship to Profile: This option will direct you to the child's profile where you can add a relationship to their account
  • Create Invitation: Available when there is no email on file for a parent. This will direct you to the parent's profile. To add their email, see Step 7 of this guide.
  • Resend Invitation: The parent has an email on file and an invitation has already been sent to them. If you would like to remind them to activate their account, you may resend a single user invitation by using this option.

To learn how to send all account invitations at one, please read How to Invite All Parents to MomentPath

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