To suspend or pause invoices from being sent to your clients, follow these steps!

1. Tap on the "Billing" menu item on the left-hand menu bar at

2. Tap on the "Settings" tab

3. Click on the purple "Suspend Invoicing" button

4. Enter the date you would like your invoicing to resume. If you are unsure of the date you would like invoicing to resume, simply leave this field blank and your invoices will not be sent until you choose to resume sending. Then, tap "Confirm invoicing suspension"

5. Confirm that your invoicing has been suspended by ensuring the "Resume Invoicing" button appears in this section. The date you selected to resume invoicing should also appear above this button if you chose a specific date.

When you are ready to resume invoicing, simply tap the "Resume Invoicing" button. Then, MomentPath will send invoices based on your invoicing schedule.

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