Knowing whether or not a student will be attending is important for teachers and administrators. Parents have the ability to mark a child absent through MomentPath through Informed Arrival. Not sure what Informed Arrival is? Click here to learn more.

1. Parents have the ability to mark their child as attending, out sick, or out on vacation through the MomentPath App. Parents can log into the MomentPath app and select “Check in” under Informed Arrival.

2. Parents will then select whether their child is attending or will be absent. They may also add a comment before saving this information. 

3. Once a parent saves their Informed Arrival information, the child’s status will change for Teachers and Admins at your center. If the child’s checkmark turns:

  • Yellow: The child is attending and the parent may have left a note for teachers to read.
  • Purple: The child’s parent has marked the child as absent for that day. There may be a note left by the parent.

For this example, the following images come from instead of the mobile app. This color status can also be found in mobile app. Notice how Emilia's check box has turned purple:

4. Teachers and Admins using the web version of MomentPath will also notice the absent child tally on the top of the group screen. This feature helps staff understand how many children are still expected to arrive in a day. 

5. Administrators will also see a tally of absent children on their ratios graph on their dashboard. If you visit your dashboard, you will notice a blue bar once a child is marked absent. This blue bar will only appear if a child in that class has been marked absent.

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