When it comes to applying and recording payments in MomentPath, you have a few options! To begin, we will show you how to collect a manual payment (check,cash, or a manually processed credit card) from a child’s profile.

1. Visit the profile of the child you would like to receive payment against. From the billing tab, scroll down to the “Invoices and Payments” section. Once you locate the invoice, tap the purple “Credit” button.

2. From the pop-up window, you can enter the amount of the payment you are receiving, select the credit reason, and add any notes you would like to record. Tap “Save” to record the payment.

3. To record a payment from a parent’s profile, open the billing tab on the parent's profile. You can then select the “pay” or the “credit option from the INvoices and Payments section. Tapping the “Pay” button will allow you to charge the credit card or bank account on the parent's profile. Tap “Credit” to receive a manual payment.

4. From this pop-up window you can enter in the amount of the payment, select the payment source, and enter notes. Tap “Save” to record the payment

5. To record a pre-payment by a parent, scroll down to the “Credit memo” section on a parent’s billing tab. Tap “Add credit memo”

10. From this screen, you can enter in the payment information you are receiving. Select the payment type, amount, and add any notes you would like to keep. Then tap “Save”.

This credit memo will:

  1. Be applied to any open invoices that the parent is responsible for paying
  2. Any remaining balance from a credit memo will remain in the “Credit memo” section until additional invoices are issued. 

6. To record multiple payments from a single screen, tap on Billing->Reports->Invoice Detail

7. Adjust your filters by selecting a date range, payment status, and/or payer. You can also filter by name to view one family’s invoices. After setting your filters, tap “Update”. 

From the right-hand side of each invoice, tap the “Action” drop-down menu.

8. Next, tap “Issue Credit”

9. From this pop-up, you can enter the payment amount, credit reason, and any noted you would like to record. Tap “Save”. 


  • Applying a payment from a parent’s profile helps to ensure the payment is reflected by the correct family member. This can be especially important in complicated family situations where each parent is responsible for a portion of their child’s tuition
  • Credit Memo: If a parent has one open invoice and would like to prepay for the following period, enter the payment in the credit memo section. Since the credit memo section will apply the credit memo to open invoices, you will only have to enter the payment once.
  • For example, Sally’s mom has one open invoice for $100 and she hands you a check for $200. Instead of using the “Credit” button next to the invoice, apply the full $200 to the credit memo section. Once you save the credit memo, the outstanding $100 will be applied to the open invoice and a $100 credit will remain in the credit memo section
  • Reimbursable payments: If you accept funding from a reimbursement program such as CCDF, you can apply CCDF payments quickly from the Invoice Detail report. Simply adjust the dates for the reimbursement period and filter by “CCDF” under Payer. This will allow you to stay on one screen to apply multiple payments.
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