Adding Activities to MomentPath has never been easier with the new and improved activities builder! Activities connect to the Learning Moment, which is a simple way to demonstrate a child’s learning! To learn more about adding Activities and Themes, please continue reading

1. Tap on “Activities” from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Choose if you would like to add an activity or a theme. Activities are individual learning opportunities. Themes tend to span over a longer period of time. Themes help to organize groups of activities together into time blocks. For this example, we will create a theme.

3. Enter a theme name and a description, then tap “create”

4. Next, choose the groups or classrooms that this lesson plan relates to. You can select more than one group by checking the checkboxes. Then tap “update”

5. Tap on the “+Add Days” button.

6. There are two ways to add days to your theme. Using the calendar, you can simply tap the dates you would like to add. There is also an option to add the next weekday. For this example, we will use the calendar to select 5 days.

7. Tap the days you would like to add. Please tap each date individually, then tap “Add Selection(s)”

8. Once the dates are added, you can begin adding activities. Tap “Add Activity” to get started.

9. To add a new activity start by adding a title. You can then add any tags, standards, notes, materials, and homework questions. You may also attach a PDF if you’d like. Often times, teachers choose to attach PDF files of the worksheets, notes, or special instructions for parents to see. When you have entered the information you would like to include, tap “save”.

10. Once you begin using the Activities Builder, MomentPath will begin storing your activities. If you would like to repeat an activity, tap the “Copy Existing Activity” button.

11. A search bar will appear. Begin typing the title or information you may have included in the Notes section to begin searching. Once the activity appears, you can scroll through a list of matching activities. You can then select the item you would like to copy from the list. Then tap the gray “Copy” button.

12. Your activity will then copy into the fields below. Feel free to make any adjustments you may need, then tap “Save”.

13. Repeat steps 8-12 as needed to add an activity to each day. You may also add more than one activity to a single day. Once you save an activity, changes will automatically be saved to your theme. After adding your activities, you are all set! These activities can be found on the calendar and in the Learning Moment on each respective day. 

14. To view these Activities on the calendar, tap “Calendar” on the menu.

15. Themes will appear with a purple highlight. If you would like to view an entire theme and all of its activities, tap on the highlighted section.

16. Then tap “Go to” to view all of the Themes activities. You can also repeat this process for each Activity if needed. 

17. If you need to make changes to your theme, tap “Manage Theme” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

18. From this screen, you can edit the theme name, description, and assigned groups. You can also move an Activity to another day, edit, and delete an Activity. 

19. These activities also connect to the Learning Moment on the day the Activity has been assigned. Tap on the “New Moment” button. On the desktop, this button can be found in the upper-right hand corner of any screen. In the mobile app, this button can be found on the “Activity” screen by tapping the purple plus button in the lower right-hand corner.

20. Next, tap the “Learning” moment.

21. From the “Activity” drop down list, select the Activity you are teaching. Then tag the children who are participating, adjust the other fields if needed and tap “Post”.


  • Activities only appear for teachers and administrators who are checked into that particular classroom. If you do not see an activity you have planned, make sure you are checked into the correct group!
  • In the Learning Moment, an additional “Type” may be selected if needed. This is an easy way for you to organize your moments and helps gather additional information.
  • Additional comments are stored on the moment itself, not on the Activity. If you need to add a note to the Activity, please revisit Step 17

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or via our live chat!

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