The Receipts Report is a simplified way to double check your deposits. When a customer pays with cash, check, or by a manual credit card, it is important to be able to balance your MomentPath entries to your bank deposit. This guide will show you how to use the Receipts Report to do just that!

1. Under the “Billing” tab, select “Reports”. Then, tap on “Receipts”

2. Use your filters to select the date range you’d like to see. To see a total of the amount you’ve collected, enter your date range and tap “Update”

3. Without any “Payment Types” selected, this screen will show a summary of all the payments you processed manually. 

4. To filter all of the cash payments you manually collected, select “Manual Payment - Cash” and “Credit Memo - Cash” from the Payment Type filter. Then, Tap “Update”. This total will tell you the total amount of cash collected during this time period.

  • Manual Payments: These are payments applied directly to an invoice be using the "Credit" button
  • Credit Memo: These payments are applied to invoices by entering the full amount paid under the "Credit memo" section on a parents profile.

5. You can also filter this report by checks collected. To do so, select “Manual Payment - Check” and “Credit Memo - Check” and tap update.

6. Lastly, you can also filter this report by manual credit card payments processed. This option does not include credit card payments processed by MomentPath, but credit cards you may process independently but want to record in MomentPath. 

Note: If you allow parents to pay their bill online by ACH or Credit card, you will need to visit the Payouts Report to see processing information. This report is designed to show you payment information for manual payments only.

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