The Profile Report allows you to see many different profile fields in one customizable report! A child’s profile holds important information - from birthdays to allergies to emergency contact information. The Profile Report allows you to create a list of one or more of these fields. You can even filter the report by group! 

Before we dive in, this report will allow you to view information from a child’s profile. You must make sure that you have entered the information you’d like to retrieve. For example, if the “Birthday” line on a child’s profile is blank, it will need to be filled in to show up on the report.

Did you know that you can customize the “About me” section under a child’s profile? To customize this section, please reach out to

Now let’s learn how to run a profile report! 

1. Tap on “Reports” on the menu toolbar.

2. Tap “View” next to the Profile Report line

3. Select the fields you would like to add to your report. You can select as many as you’d like. Remember, these fields are the fields under the “About Me” section on a child’s profile report. If you’d like to add a line item, please contact

4. Select the group you’d like to include or leave “All” selected to show the entire center.

5. Tap “Update”. Remember, you can always export your information by tapping the “Export CSV” button. You can also organize your data by tapping on the small arrows next to the field names. For example, you can organize your information alphabetically by child or chronologically by birthday.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

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