MomentPath's Name-to-Face Attendance Check is a great way to ensure every child that is checked in is accounted for. Some states require these counts to be conducted in set intervals. To help stay in compliance or to proactively manage your attendance, follow these steps to conduct a name-to-face count!

1. From the group screen, tap on the grid view button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. Tap on the "Name to Face" button

3. Conduct your roll call and tap on the photos of the kiddos you can account for. You will notice that as you select them, a light green color fills the background of their square. If you accidentally tap someone, simply tap them again to remove the green indicator. Then, tap the "Save Name to Face" button.

4. If there is a child you did not tap, you will have the option to check the child out or to move them to a different room. If the child is actually in your room and is identified, you may hit cancel and select them. This feature makes it easy to ensure all children are accounted for. Finally, tap "Save"

5. Finally, a record that the name-to-face attendance check was completed can be found under the staff member's profile.

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