Did you know you can use MomentPath to conduct your meal counts for food reimbursement programs? If you need to easily tally up how many free, reduced, or paid meals you have served, try using our Meal Detail Report.

The first step in making using this report is to indicate which children receive a free, reduced or paid lunch. To add a subsidisation level to a child’s profile, follow these steps:

1. Visit a child’s profile and tap on the “Profile” tab.

2. In the “About me” section, locate the line that says “CACFP Subsidy”. Next, tap the edit button on the far right-hand side of the line. If the CACFP Subsidy line is not available to you, please reach out to support@momentpath.com

3. Identify if the child received a free, reduced, or paid lunch. Finally, tap “Save”.

Free: 100% subsidized and eligible for reimbursement

Reduced: Partially eligible for reimbursement

Paid: Not eligible for reimbursement

4. As you start to add in Food Moments, you will start to build your automated Meal Detail Report. To view the report, tap on the “Reports” tab then select “Meal Detail Report” from the list of reports.

5. Use the filters to narrow down data. You may select a range of dates, filter by a specific person, and filter by a group. Next, tap “Update”.

6. The data will appear below. You will notice that each date for the range of dates you selected will show up as a column header. The “X” marks indicate that the child was served that meal on the given date. Each child will have a total tally of meals served for the date range. If you scroll to the bottom of the report, you will notice there is also a grand total of meals served during that date range.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to support@momentpath.com

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