While automatic invoicing is a big timesaver, there will surely be times where you need to send an invoice immediately. This guide will help you learn how to add charges to a child’s account and how to generate an invoice in real time.

1. Tap on the child’s profile that you would like to add a charge.

2. Tap over to the “billing” tab on their profile,

3. Under the “Pending Charges” section tap “+Add Charge”.

4. Select the item you would like to bill the child for, set the quantity, and adjust the price if needed. Then, tap “Save”.

5. You’ll find your item under the “Pending Charges” section. To run an invoice for the charges immediately, tap the “+Manual Invoice” button.

6. Tap the “Generate Invoice” button.

7. The invoice is now available to be paid via the app or for payment to be recorded if you received a check or cash for the invoice.

Tips to remember:

  • The “+Manual Invoice” button will only include items in the “Pending Charges” section. This invoice will not include any recurring billing plans.
  • The "Pending Charges" section will only hold one time charges. These charges do not occur on a weekly or monthly basis. Examples may include an enrollment fee, drop in care charges, field trip dues, or late pick up fees.
  • To add billing plans or items, check out this helpful guide

For additional help, please email support@momentpath.com

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