The Notification Moment is a great way to spread urgent and important information to your families. While parents have the ability to select how they would like to be notified about certain Moments, the Notification Moment overrides all of those preferences. 

Once you post an Notification Moment, the message will immediately be sent to every family member via text, email, and/or push notification. This Moment is a great way to spread urgent news such as delays, closings, severe weather updates, and more.

The Notification Moment works like any other moment, except you have the ability to easily tag everyone in your center. To learn more about posting a Notification Moment, follow these steps:

1. Select the “Notification Moment” from the Moment Maker.

2. Enter in the message you would like to send in the “Comment” section, then tap the purple link next to “Tagged People”. You may also select how you would like your Notification Moment to be delivered to parents. This moment offers real-time notification via email, SMS (text), and/or Push notifications. You may select as many delivery methods as you'd like by checking the boxes.

3.  While you can still tag people and groups just like other moments, you will notice two checkboxes in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

Include only if checked in now: This feature allows you to only send the message to parents who have children checked into your center right now. For example, if you have a classroom called “Toddlers” and you wanted to send a notification to all parents telling them that you will be closing early due to a burst pipe you would use the following steps:

  1. Tag the Toddlers Group
  2. Tap the checkbox for “Include only if checked in now”
  3. The message will only send to toddlers who are currently checked in

Tag everyone (admins,staff, and families): If you check this checkbox, your notification will be sent to every parent in your center. There is no need to tag anyone. This box allows you to easily send a message to all admins, staff, and family members at once.

Tagging a group: If you do not use the check boxes above, but still tag a group, everyone in that group will receive the message. Going back to the Toddlers example, if you tag the the Toddlers Group and do NOT tap the “Include only if checked in now” checkbox, the notification will be sent to anyone who is in the Toddlers Group.

This instance is helpful for reminders. Some centers use this for reminders that need to be sent to the entire group. For example, “Please remember to bring your permission slip for our field day tomorrow!"

Key things to remember about Notification Moments:

  • Notification is immediate: All those who are tagged will receive a text, email, and push notification immediately.
  • Tagging works a bit differently: See above for examples
  • Teachers and Admins have the ability to send Notification Moments. Be sure teachers know the implications of sending a Notification Moment.

How to turn on or off the Notification Moment

During the training and practice period, the Notification Moment is turned off. We do this to help protect teachers from accidentally sending urgent messages while they’re getting used to the system. We are always happy to turn on the Notification Moment for you, but you can also turn it on yourself! Follow these steps to turn on or off the Notification Moment (and a few others!):

  1. Tap on the “Admin/Account” tab.

2. Under “Moment Types” tap the “View Moment Types” button.

3. Tap the slider next to “Notification”. If the slider is gray, that indicated that the Moment is turned off. If the slider is purple, the Moment is on. Once the Notification Moment is turned on, you may return back to the dashboard.

You will notice that there are several Moments you can turn on and off. Feel free to use this section to customize your Moments! Please be aware that turning a Moment off turns the Moment off for the entire center. 

For additional help, please reach out to us at

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