Woohoo! Your childcare center has started using MomentPath to accept tuition payments. What great news! This article will discuss paying your invoices through MomentPath, how to add payment information, and a guide to setting up autopay.

  1. If your center allows tuition payment through MomentPath you will see a billing overview when you first open MomentPath app.

This section will give you an overview of your account. The amount displayed in this section is the total amount due for childcare.

2. To pay your invoice online, tap the "View and Pay Now" button. Then, tap on the "billing" tab.

3. It is now time to add your payment information. You can add a bank account and/or a credit or debit card. Tap on the your prefered method of payment and fill in the information, then tap "Save".

Bank Account: 

Please note: If you add a bank account, there is a verification process. Our payment processor will deposit two small amounts to your bank account (usually less than $1 in total). To verify your bank account, you must enter the two amounts deposited to your bank account into MomentPath. To find the amounts, you will need to view your bank account and look for two small deposits.

Upon verifying, our payment processor will remove the funds they originally deposited.

Credit or Debit Card: 

4. Once you add one payment source, you can add another if you would like.  

5.  To pay an invoice, scroll down to the "Invoices and Payments" section and tap the "Pay" button.

6. Next, select your payment source. If you would like to use a payment method you do not see listed here, please revisit Step 3.

Enter the payment amount, then tap the "Pay Now" button.

7.  If you would like to set up auto pay, tap on the "Set Up Autopay" button.

8. Select the payment source and the amount. Please note, if you choose to use the "Specific Amount" box that will be automatically paid. If you enter an amount that is less than your total balance due, you will still need to make an additional payment to satisfy your invoice. Next, tap "Save".

That's it! You are now able to pay your invoices online using MomentPath. If you need assistance, please contact support@momentpath.com

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