Have you noticed a green bar on the top of your screen or a few blinking bars where a photo should be? Keep reading this article to see how to ensure your photos, videos, and other Moments are shared!

1. If you notice the green bar on the top of your screen, tap "View Status"

2. This will open a list of queued uploads. Try tapping "Retry Uploads". This may allow all uploads to continue though. If not, continue to step 3.

3. Starting with the first Moment, tap "skip". Then tap "Retry Uploads". Occasionally, one photo will create a blockage for all the other Moments you are trying to upload. 

4. If Moments below the first queued Moment do not upload, tap on the "Skip" on the second moment then tap "Retry Uploads". You can continue with this process until Moments begin uploading and leaving the que.

5. If there are Moments stuck in your que, tap on the "Send Log Data" button and alert our staff via chat or by emailing support@momentpath.com

6. After retrying uploads, a "remove" button will appear. If you tap this button, it will delete the moment permanently. You will need to recreate that moment and try posting again.

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