You can now use a pin code to check in and out your loved one into their care center. Please contact your director to set up your pincode number. Once you have your pin, follow the steps below:

1. Tap on the box under "Enter Pin:" and type in your 4 digit pin code. Then, tap "Submit:".

2. Select the person you would like to check in. The green check mark shows who will be checked in. You may also indicate if your loved one brought a hat, coat, bag, or umbrella. Next, tap "Submit".

3. You have successfully checked in your loved one!

To check out your loved one follow these steps:

1. Enter in your pin code and tap "Submit"

2. Select the person or people you would like to check out. Then, check for any reminders and tap "Submit". Make sure you bring home each item you bought with you!

3. That is it! You have successfully checked out your loved one.

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