tend.ly’s message center allows parents and staff to communicate with one another. The message center is designed to allow parents to share information and respond to teacher’s comments. If there is a pressing issue, please consider calling the parent directly.

Here’s how to make the most out of the Message Center!

The Message Center can be found by clicking on the chat bubble in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

To begin a new conversation, click the +New button.

Begin typing who you would like to send a message to in the “To:” section. The names will begin to appear as your type. If you select a child’s name, the family members associated with that account will receive the message. Those with an “Authorized Pick Up” relationship will not be notified. 

Enter in a subject line and the message, then tap “Send”!

Sending a message to multiple family accounts at once

If you would like to send a message to multiple family accounts, you can include them in the “To” field.

Each family account will receive an individual message and will not be notified that the message was sent to a group of people. For example, when a family account views the message above they will see:

The family member can reply to the message. All replies will only be visible by the staff member that sent the message. No other family accounts will see the responses.

Note: The Message Center is designed to allow parents and teachers to communicate within the tend.ly app. Staff and teachers will not be notified by a push notification when they receive a message. The Message Center is designed to keep the staff's focus on caring for the children in your center. If an urgent situation arises, please contact family members directly. 

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