If you've enabled Informed Arrival for your MomentPath site, family members will have the option to complete the Family Check In notes for staff before drop-off at your center. 

Parents are able to tap "Check In" under Informed Arrival on their Now screen:

Parents can then enter information about their child before arriving. Once they enter in the information, they will tap save.

By clicking the "Save" button, the person selected moves into a "pending arrival" state on the dashboard. Notice how Lincoln's square has turned yellow:

If a child's status is:

  • Red: The child is checked out
  • Green: The child is checked in
  • Yellow: The child's parent has completed informed arrival and the child is attending today
  • Purple: The child's parent has marked the child absent for the day

Once the family member arrives for drop-off they are able to complete check-in using their PIN Code (if your center is using them) or the appropriate staff member will complete the check-in process as usual from their device. 

If the child is checked in by a staff member, this information will show above the child's check in information.

At this point, staff can select a group, verify the correct time, and add any additional comments. Once the child is checked in, this information attaches to the child's check in moment for review throughout the day if needed. 

*This feature is available at no added cost to existing customers but will be turned on by-request only. Contact support@momentpath.com to discuss adding this feature to your MomentPath site!

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