If someone is no longer going to be receiving care at your center, deactivating their account is a simple way to keep your rosters up-to-date.

From the Main Menu, choose People. Or, search for their name in the search box.

Click on their name.

Click on the arrow next to the Actions button.
Select Deactivate User.

Select a Deactivation Reason from the drop-down list (we can add more options for you if the defaults do not meet your needs).
Click Deactivate Person.

If the family members of the deactivated person do not have any other people in your care, you will need to repeat this step for the family members. 

Please note: 

Once you deactivate family accounts, they will not be able to login again to download photos or videos. You may wish to give them a week's notice to go in and archive anything they wish to keep before you deactivate their account.

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