Setting up Auto Pay will allow your caregiver payments to be processed easily and efficiently.

You will be emailed in advance when your payment is about to process. You will also be emailed when your Auto Payment has been processed.

To set up auto payment, please follow these steps on . You cannot enroll in auto pay in the mobile app at this time.

From your Dashboard, you can click the Pay Now button to get to the Billing tab of your profile.
Or you can click People, select your name, and choose the Billing tab.

From the Billing tab, select the Setup AutoPay button.

To Configure AutoPay, you will need to select an account type and a payment amount.  

Your bank account must be verified before you can enable an automatic payment, so you will need to add your bank account before completing this process. 

Click Save when you are finished. By clicking Save you indicate that you understand that by enabling the selected account for automatic payment that you will be automatically charged by each invoice's due date for the full amount due.

In order to prevent fraud, we verify bank account information using the micro deposit process. With this process, two small deposits will be made to your account when the account is added to MomentPath These transfers can take 1-2 business days to appear on your account. Once they’ve been received in your account, the amounts for each deposit will need to be entered into MomentPath using the “Verify” link on the billing tab in your profile. Providing this will verify that your have access to their account statement.

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