Items allow you to charge for fees and payments outside of the regularly scheduled payment plans for care at your center. 

Some examples of this include:

  • late fee
  • early arrival fee
  • supplies
  • extra day per week

Applying Item Charges follow a similar process to applying Plans. First you will need to create your Items.

From the Main Menu, choose People.
Locate the person you need to assign an Item Charge.
Click their name or photo and select the Billing tab on their profile.

Click +Add Charge under the Pending Charges section.

Select the Item type from the drop-down menu and put in a note if necessary.
The price will auto-fill from the price you designated during Item creation. You can adjust the quantity if necessary.
Hit Save and repeat if multiple charges are required for that person.

You can now see all of the Pending Charges for that person.

If you need to remove this Charge for whatever reason, you can click the Remove button.

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