The new MomentPath Billing tool allows administrators to quickly and easily invoice families and collect payments.

The Billing - Settings tab contains all of the essential information required for you to receive payments from families.  You can establish a schedule by which to send invoices and link your bank account to receive funds.

Once you've completed the Settings, you will need to establish your different plans. Plans are the pricing options that exist at your center. They can be based on classroom, age, or any other information you use to establish costs.

You can also create one-off items, such as late pickup fees or additional charges.

Once you've established your plans, you will add them to each child/student/person/guest. Based on the schedule you established in the Billing-Settings, invoices will then go out to families. 

Family members can pay via the app or a web browser. 

Reports are available so that you can quickly and easily view your financial information for the week/month/year.

Watch an overview below:

If you are interested in learning more about Billing, contact to schedule a demo or get more information.

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