PIN Code Check-In and Check-Out allows your staff and families to sign into and out of your center more quickly each day, while still maintaining excellent safety precautions. 

Each staff and family member will have a unique PIN (a.k.a. personal identification number) for use during check-in and check-out.

To launch the PIN Code screen, select People from the Main Menu.
Click the PIN Check In button.

Staff or Family will then enter their PIN Code (this is set by MomentPath support during implementation) and click Submit.

Verify the included People are correct and complete the Check-in Details. 

Click Submit.

That's it!

Admin notes:
The Check-In Details fields can be customized for you.
We can also set reminders to appear at Check-Out based on those fields.
You will be provided a master PIN Code for your site when the functionality is enabled. 

If you're interested in using PIN Check-In and Check-Out in your MomentPath site, contact to have this customization enabled.

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