Thanks to great feedback from customers, we are excited to introduce the option to view people in a grid as well as a list.

To make the most of the grid view, consider taking profile photos and creating avatars for all of your staff and people in your care.

To access grid view

From the People or Group screens, you can select the grid icon next to the list icon. 

If you have a default group (or classroom) associated with your name, you will see the group screen when you log in to MomentPath.

Now you are able to see the photos of each person in your center or your group, their identifying label (Person, Staff, Administrator), and their check-in status.

To make the most of Grid View, we recommend taking profile photos and adding avatars of the people in your center. Read our User Profile guide to learn about adding avatars. 

Check-in and Check-Out from Grid View

To check a person in or out from this view, just click on the check-mark icon and fill out the form that pops up.

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