We've made it even easier to add people and family members to MomentPath

1. From the Main Menu, choose "People"

2. In the upper right hand corner, tap "+Add"

3. Enter in the name, type, and default group for the person in your care. Then click "Save"

4. You can now enter any information into the person's profile. Then scroll down to the "Relationships" section. Tap "+Add Relationship"

5. You can create a new person or associate a person who is already in MomentPath

6.  Enter in the caregiver's information and tap "Save". Note: If you would like the person to receive updates, designate them as a family member. If the person is solely allowed to pick up your client, choose "Authorized PickUp"

7.  To send their account invitation, tap "Actions" and then "Send Account Invitation". You can then enter in their email address and tap "send". You may enter any account information you would like to record. To go back to the child or client you created, tap the purple button above the "Actions" button. 

9. Be sure to follow steps 5-8 to create add in all family members and authorized pick ups!

  • If you are using our PIN Code feature, you can create a code for family members to use at check-in and check-out. You will need to contact support@Momentpath.com to have PIN Code functionality enabled for your MomentPath site.

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