If you align your lesson plans to learning foundations or standards, the tend.ly team can pre-load the list of standards into your account. Once those have been added, you can start creating lesson plans associated with those standards.


You'll start by creating a new Curriculum.

You can access Curriculum by clicking Curriculum on the left navigation menu.

Curriculum allows you to see all of the curriculum for your organization, as well as the Groups they are associated with and the dates they're scheduled for. 

To edit or delete Curriculum, click Edit | Delete from the Curriculum module.

Administrators and Staff can easily create Curriculum by clicking Add. From here, Administrators can specify the content, the scheduled date, and the target audience. You can also attach PDFs relevant to the lessons here.

From here you can also select the Standard(s) related to this lesson plan.
Click in the Standard(s) box to view the list available. 

Fill in all of the remaining necessary information.
Once you've created the Curriculum, it will be available for your staff to create Learning Moments as they are working in the classroom.

Learning Moments

Paired with Learning Moments, Curriculum comes alive! When you create a Learning Moment, the details of the chosen curriculum type, including the Standard(s) are automatically populated in that Learning Moment.

Learning Moments allow each individual class to personalize Curriculum.

Reporting on Standards

If you need to view all of the Available Standards, they're visible from the Curriculum tab on the Main Menu.  

To run reports on your Curriculum activity, access the Reports screen from the Main Menu.

You can narrow down the dates for reporting, view specific standards, or view all of the standards for that date range. 

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