Use the Food moment to build out your menus to enable easy access for your staff.

1. Navigate to the Food screen. (On mobile, select More and choose Food. On the web, choose Food from the Main Menu.)

2. Choose Add

3. Complete the details for this menu:

  • Select the meal type
  • Add the items included in the meal. For example, "Grilled Cheese" may be one item and "Green Beans" may be another.
  • Schedule the date for the meal
  • Complete the repeat options if this is a recurring menu
  • Select who this menu applies to. You can create menus for different groups if necessary.

4. Once you've added your menu items, you can start creating Food Moments. Choose the Food Moment type.

5. If you have pre-loaded your menus by date, you will see the information appear when you select the Meal Type on that day.

6. You can tag People, indicate the Amount consumed, note the Time, and add Media if necessary. 

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