Moment suggestion rules are a great way to keep your and your staff's day on track by creating rules that will remind your staff when to create certain types of Moments. 

These rules are set up on a group-by-group basis, and make it incredibly easy for your staff to create those Moments. Only people with admin access to can create Moment suggestion rules.

Here are step-by-step instructions! 

1. To create a Moment suggestion rule, tap on Groups.

2. Tap on the name of the group for which you want to create the Moment suggestion rule. Rules must be created at the group level, and will need to be created for each group that needs a rule.

3. You will see three tabs on the group's page. Tap on the tab titled "Configuration."

4. In the box titled "Suggestion Rules," tap on the "+New Rule" button.

5. Choose the Moment type you want to create the rule for and the maximum number of hours you want that group to go between that type of Moment. For example, if you want to make sure bathroom breaks or diaper changes happen every two hours, you should choose "Potty" for the Moment type and 2 for the number of hours between that type of Moment.

6. Click "Save"—you're done!

What will you and your staff see after creating a rule?

When the amount of time set within the rule for a particular group has passed, a gray box will appear at the top of that group's Activity timeline.

You or your staff can expand the box to see which people need a Moment to be created.

You or your staff can tap "Create" to create that particular type of Moment for that particular child (see below). Or, you can minimize the box -- it is not required to create a Moment when the gray box appears at the top of the group's Activity page.

When you or your staff choose to create a Moment from the gray box, will create a Moment that is the type identified by the rule, and it will automatically tag the person who needs the Moment created. In the example below, the Moment type is a Potty Moment, and the person tagged is Emily Hunt.

Moments created from the Moment suggestion rule operate in the exact same way as all other Moments—you and your staff can edit them, tag additional people, and even change the Moment type however you see fit!

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