1. Navigate to the profile of the Person to which you are trying to add a Relationship

2. Scroll to the bottom with the header "My Relationships"

3. Click "+New Relationship"

4. Search the drop down menu for the family member's name you want to link to the child

  • If you don't see the family name you are looking for, they have not been added to MomentPath yet. You will need to go to the Person module. Click "Add" in the upper right corner, and create a new family profile - BE SURE the Type = Family, and fill out the email address and phone number (optional). Once you have created the family member, go back to the Person profile, and continue to follow the steps from above to create a Relationship. 

5. Select the relationship name you are looking for

6. Make sure "Select Type" field = Family

7. Click "Create

Once you establish a Relationship, you have the option to set the real-time notifications a family member will receive. Click the  name under "My Relationships" and it takes you to a screen that looks like this:

These boxes enable you to select real-time email and text notifications based on their individual preference or a center-wide decision to offer such real-time notifications.

* Note: Only Administrator users are able to create a Relationship and adjust real-time notifications for Family members. 

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