MomentPath now features offline mode, which allows you to create Moments if, for whatever reason, your device gets disconnected from your center's wifi.

How do I know I'm in offline mode?
If your device loses its connection to your center's wifi, a red bar with the words "MomentPath is offline" will appear at the top of your screen in the MomentPath app.

What can I do in offline mode?

In offline mode, you can:

  • Check someone in
  • Check someone out
  • Create any type of Moment (including Moments that include photos or videos!)

How does it work? 

Simply check someone in, check someone out, or create a Moment (or Moments) like you usually do, post, and carry on with your day. As soon as your device reconnects to your wifi, check in/check out information and the Moments created while the device was offline will be posted to the person's timeline.

If your center has spotty wifi, make sure you reconnect to wifi whenever you can so you don’t lose all those precious Moments.

Please note: You cannot add curriculum, meals, or announcements to your center’s calendar in MomentPath while your device is in offline mode.


When my device reconnects to wifi, I don’t see the Moment I loaded in MomentPath. What should I do?
When my device reconnects to wifi, sometimes I still see the “MomentPath is offline” red bar at the top of my screen. What’s going on?

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